webadmin March 23, 2022

Playing casino games on mobile has already become a norm in the modern world. Nearly all desktop casino operators have their mobile versions. Some offer mobile apps to download and install to your device, others give you a chance to play casino games instantly in the browser of your smartphone or tablet. However, some players still prefer desktop online casinos to mobile gambling. And there are good reasons for both.

Advantages of mobile online casinos

There are many benefits of playing casino games on mobile devices. These are the main of them:

  • Accessibility. Mobile casinos, be it an app or a mobile-friendly website, have one great advantage. They can be accessed anywhere meaning you can be walking on the street and playing games. Or you can gamble while making your way to work, being at work, standing in a queue, and doing whatever you want to do. This is why many players choose a mobile casino over a desktop one.
  • Convenience. It’s the convenience that is buying all mobile casino players. They don’t want to turn on the computer, open the browser, wait till the casino loads, log in, and do all the other additional steps. It’s way easier to get your phone (that is with you almost every time of the day), open a mobile app or a casino website tab, and get started.
  • Easy banking. Even the banking is way easier with the mobile casino. Some casinos accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, which means you can deposit in just a few seconds without the need to get your bank card, open an online banking app, etc.

On top of that, mobile casinos offer the same range of games and bonuses as desktop casinos. The only difference in a gambling experience between these two is the size of the screen. Some players may not like playing on small screens.

Advantages of desktop casinos

Surely, desktop casinos can also compete against mobile platforms:

  • Better visual experience. The major advantage of desktop casinos is that you can play games on a big screen. Thus, your casino experience can be a bit better. But honestly, it doesn’t matter how big the screen is when it displays that you’ve won a large jackpot.
  • Internet costs. Your costs for the internet may not be as high as when you are playing on mobile. Mobile casinos tend to use more traffic as they have to load games, especially if you play HD live casino games. However, if you use wi-fi, then it’s ok for both, desktop and mobile.
  • A range of games. Some desktop online casinos, specifically those established many years ago, can offer good old classic games. These games are not available on mobile devices from a technical point of view. So you can enjoy them only on your desktop.

Which one to choose

The choice depends on your preferences. If you are always busy and the thought of coming home, launching a computer, etc. makes you feel bad, then you’d better pick a mobile casino. It will be easier and more convenient for you to do your things and find time for your hobby.

On the other hand, if you prefer playing high-definition games on full screen and having the best casino experience, then you should choose a desktop casino to play at. Anyway, you can play games on mobile whenever you feel like doing so.