webadmin September 28, 2022

In New Zealand, there’s hardly a person who doesn’t like slot machines. This is a nice entertainment that can keep your mind off work and negative things. When playing fun games, you feel calm and at the same time excited to win cash. Nothing can make us instantly feel better than the fact that we’ve won a large amount of money. So why not make a couple of spins on a Friday night?

However, slots, or what kiwis call them, pokies are all different. Some of them pay big, while others can make you bankrupt. This is why you need to learn to choose NZ online slots.

This post is your guide on choosing casino slots for real money. Read it till the end and use the tips in practice.

Check the slot characteristics

There are several technical details you need to know about a game before placing bets. These include the return to player (RTP), variance, and hit frequency.

Everyone in the gambling world cares a lot about the RTP percentage. Simply put, it’s the percentage of bets a game gives back to players. But the thing is that it is calculated over all players and all their bets ever placed on that game. And it doesn’t mean that if you start playing a game and wager $100, you will get back $97 if the RTP is 97%. It would be too easy and senseless. This is why some players win huge and others lose all their money while playing the same game.

The variance (or volatility) of slots is also important. Some games even allow players to adjust this feature according to their aim. Thus, low-variance slots suit budget players better because the winning outcomes will hit more often. However, the amount of those winnings won’t be big. Nevertheless, low-variance slots let you make your gaming session longer.

On the other hand, high-variance slots will be a good choice for high-rollers who plan to stake big and win big. They will have less often winnings, but if there are any, they will be big. These slots are high-risk games that require sufficient funds.

Hit frequency of games will also tell you how often you can hit a win or a progressive jackpot prize. Determine which indicators of these characteristics you want your game to have and choose a game accordingly.

The theme of a pokie

Although the theme seems to be the least important thing if we’re speaking about winning money, you need to choose a pokie you will enjoy. You came here for fun and pleasure, didn’t you? So pick a game among those that offer your favorite scenario.

For example, if you like the history of Egypt, go to the lobby and look for Egypt-themed slots. There are lots of “Book of” games related to Egyptian myths such as Book of Dead and Book of Ra.

If you love space and everything related to “the other universes”, there are space-themed games with stars, aliens, and spacecraft.

Players who feel better playing classic pokies can enjoy a variety of games with triple sevens, fruits, and diamonds. Vegas-like slots are very popular.

All in all, don’t ignore the theme of a pokie. You will get more pleasure from playing games that satisfy you visually.

Special symbols and features

Another important thing to look for in a pokie machine is bonus features. There are pokies with a few specials like a wild symbol, and there are games with free spins, interactive mini-games, and extra symbols. Although the number of special features doesn’t largely influence a game’s payout, your experience will be way stronger.

Which special features you can meet in a slot:

  • Wild symbols. In standard slots, wild symbols substitute for other symbols and make a winning outcome. Besides, they have a high payout rate.
  • Scatter symbols. Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels and if you collect more than 3 of them, you trigger a bonus round with free spins.
  • Free spins game. You are given a certain amount of free spins and you win money without spending a cent. Besides, some slots have additional special features in the bonus round. For example, you can play it with high-paying symbols only.
  • Extending wilds. When a wild symbol lands on a reel, it becomes bigger and covers the entire reel.
  • Progressive or fixed jackpot. Some slots feature a jackpot prize pool or multiple jackpots. If you win it, you become very rich.
  • Mechanics. Slots can have different mechanics that determine the way they pay. These include Megaways, Cluster Pays, and other mechanics.
  • Cascading reels and symbols. This feature is activated when you win. The winning symbols disappear and new random symbols take their positions. This way, you have a chance to increase your payout in a single spin.

Game designers have amazing ideas that make slots more exciting to play. So don’t hesitate and try them all. To learn which special features are offered at your chosen slot, check the paytable or click the information button.

Online casino bonuses

You can also choose a game as part of a casino campaign. This way, you will have extra money or free spins to use in a slot.

Open the promotions page and check if there are any bonuses you can claim right now. Some online casinos offer Monday bonuses, weekend bonuses, and so on. So if today’s Monday, for example, you can deposit some money, use a bonus code, and get extra money for your NZ online slots.

Free spins bonuses are also very popular among players and casinos. They love giving free spins for new slot releases. So if any software developer releases a new game, you have a chance to try it with a bonus. And mind that the RTP of a new slot will be the clearest because it wasn’t played by too many gamblers.

Pay attention to pokie tournaments too. They are a nice method to win cash or earn free spins, depending on what winners receive as a prize.